Video Invites

Do you want to avoid the hassle of handwriting and sealing hundreds of cards which takes hours away from the more important things that you need to prepare before your wedding day?

We will be introducing a new service later in the year that allows you and your partner to film an invitation that can be […]

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The Proposal

Where would you like your partner to pop the question?

Some people want the big question asked after a quiet night in with a romantic meal for two in a candle lit room where you could literally, feel love in the air. Yet others would want it done very publicly at a concert or a busy […]

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Creating a memento of the best day of your life.

Walking up the aisle in a beautiful Victorian church on a crisp Saturday morning, moments away from being wed with the man or woman you love. Dancing with the person you love in your arms to your favourite song or hearing that ever funny speech from the best man, supposedly your best friend! These are […]

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Water Wedding!

Most people want to be married in a church, a fancy hotel or maybe even a muddy field in the British countryside. Believe it or not though, some people want to be married under water!

Yes, water it can have its little niggles and problems but you can work around them to create your perfect water […]

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If Music Be The Food Of Love…

Dancing has been a form of celebration for thousands of years, and every culture has their spin on it but one thing is for sure, it’s a huge part of your wedding celebration.

One of the latest crazes is performing a synchronised dance with your wedding party all taking part. It can provide quite a wow […]

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Themed Weddings…

You either love them, or hate them!

For a couple who met over a particular interest or hobby, a themed wedding could be the cherry on the icing of the cake that is their love, and a way to celebrate the uniqueness of their relationship.

Take this couple for example.  They met over a cheese and marmite […]

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Good Luck Charms

There are many lucky charms around the world that people like to use whether it’s an old teddy bear that’s too big to be carried around or a necklace given to you by a loved one or a relative that’s passed away.

When it comes to your wedding day some brides don’t take any chances and […]

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