You either love them, or hate them!

For a couple who met over a particular interest or hobby, a themed wedding could be the cherry on the icing of the cake that is their love, and a way to celebrate the uniqueness of their relationship.

Take this couple for example.  They met over a cheese and marmite sandwich, and with such a love of the yeast extract, decided to make their day all about it!!

Of course, a lot of couples considering a theme for their wedding try to think of something that ties all the details of the day together such as:

Country Vintage – where all the decor and elements tie in together to create a classy, informal atmosphere using shabby chic decor, hand made touches, lace and ribbons, bunting and floral china.

Monochrome – black and white with a dashing accent colour such as silver or red for a stylistically stunning day which brings ‘My Fair Lady’s’ Ascot Day to mind.  If all the guests abide by the colour code you would have some pretty fabulous photographs!

Butterflies – A simple element detail which can appear through the day to make it all match in a pretty, romantic fashion gracing the order of service, name cards,

Christmas – Red and white, with a roast turkey wedding breakfast, this is rather classic during December!

Of course, a theme can run far deeper than pictures on the order of service, and the colour of the men’s cravats.  For those more serious couples who have a desire to make their wedding one of a kind, there is always fancy dress.  This will probably make 75% of the readers shudder slightly, and 25% wish they knew a couple getting married with a theme such as Star Wars!