There are many reasons throughout history as to the purpose of the wedding bouquet.

In Roman times, the flowers worn as a garland about the neck represented fertility, new life and hope for the future.

Centuries later, superstitions about evil spirits meant that herbs, and garlic were used to ward them away from the happy couple.

Other theories include the purpose of the wedding bouquet was to give a floral aroma to the bride! People would bathe about once a year and this was in the spring time, so ladies liked to get married in the spring as soon after their bath as possible!!

But these days, it’s less about the meaning of the flowers, and more about what goes with the theme, or colour scheme of the day.

Obviously, flowers are very seasonal, and unless you want to pay out a lot of money for imported blooms, you need to make a choice depending on the time of year you are getting wed.

Spring is a very popular choice, and the new flowers are beginning to bloom you have a lot of choice. For the start of the season you have tulips and ranunculus available in a riot of colours to match any theme, narcissi and hyacinths which have their subtle scent.

Later through April and May you can find freesias, iris’, stocks, sweet peas and traditional roses. Not to mention the beautifully delicate lily of the valley, which graced the bouquet of Kate Middleton as she wed Prince William in 2011.

There is plenty of selection for both colour, scents and textures to make sure that your bouquet is as stunning as the bride on the big day!!

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