It’s a known fact that brides want their day to be different and stand out, and be full of excitement with the WOW factor!  But unless you have a millionaire father or fiancee, (or maybe you have the millions yourself to spend?!) you need to let sense take charge of the planning….


I heard it said once, that a wedding should have three things that people may not have seen before.  This was for a wedding that had the bride and grooms family learn the handbells to play a song during the speeches (which did actually go down very well), they cut the cake with a sword (an old family heirloom) and as she was a farmers daughter marrying a farmer, the car taking them from the church to the reception (which is on the farm) was actually a tractor!  It was the cleanest tractor anyone had ever seen (the groom had it polished beautifully) but it made a very memorable moment, not least due to the fact it was special for them.  They used little things that were personal to their lives and it made it a lovely wedding.

These days it’s all too easy to think that you need to have everything and that little bit more going on, but if you go by the three things rule, it may very well save your sanity and your bank balance!   There’s a reason that the average wedding is reckoning to cost about £20,000 at the moment.  Its because people are trying to out do each other with bigger and better days!  What about the exchange of loving vows being what a wedding is for?!  People don’t really need entertaining as they’ll be happy to catch up with friends or family with a drink in their hand!

Bride and groom with pigeons at the wedding walk

On the big day people are there to see you and your beloved get married.  Whether you have a magician, a cocktail bar, a casino, a dove release and a bouncy castle really won’t matter on the day itself!  If you feel the day is lacking because something is missing, you’ll be the only one.  You’ll likely find that people don’t miss what they don’t expect.  And you yourself are technically the WOW factor!


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