Do you want to avoid the hassle of handwriting and sealing hundreds of cards which takes hours away from the more important things that you need to prepare before your wedding day?

We will be introducing a new service later in the year that allows you and your partner to film an invitation that can be sent to your guests digitally through e-mails, Facebook events or other technology based methods.

Feeling inquisitive? Here are a few pointers on why we are introducing this innovative new service and what it can do for you:

Standing out from the crowd: If you like to be different and quirky then this is the thing for you. Nobody will ever forget being sent a video inviting them to a wedding and it will be a talking point for all your friends leading up to the wedding.

I don’t know about you but receiving a professional looking video of the future bride and groom inviting you to their special day would certainly make me stop and think “If their invitation is this good imagine how good the wedding day will be”

Tailored to you: Whether you want the invitation filmed at your home or at your favourite countryside location, the choice is yours. Pick your favourite music whether it’s Coldplay, Guns & Roses or a personal mix, everything on the video can be tailored to personal taste.