Where would you like your partner to pop the question?

Some people want the big question asked after a quiet night in with a romantic meal for two in a candle lit room where you could literally, feel love in the air. Yet others would want it done very publicly at a concert or a busy city centre.

This lovely groom wanted it to be very public and it paid off for him, click here to watch it. Reading the description it took him a year to plan which is not easy to do by anyone’s standards especially as it wasn’t guaranteed that she would say yes. Let’s just say, those were probably the most nerve wracking few minutes of his life.

There are a lot of things the bride, or groom for that matter, have to consider while planning when and where to propose. The smallest detail could make the biggest difference between the perfect yes and the life shattering no. Here are some of our top tips;

Just remember, after you have asked the question your partner will be just as nervous as you because it’s most likely that they weren’t expecting it.

When it comes to buying the ring, it’s better to stay conservative than go too far so go for something that you KNOW they will like. Remember, small details are important.

Picking the right moment is crucial, you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable or put on the spot so if you know they don’t like public affection then don’t ask them in front of 100s of strangers, and don’t ask them if you are going through a rough patch!

Smooth talking, this just helps increase the romance of it all and to show your love there is nothing better than writing a poem or even just a few words telling them how much you love them. The bonus is that the poem doesn’t even have to rhyme! They will be too overwhelmed with joy to notice.

So now you have seen our top tips to propose you can get planning it but don’t let your partner know they have read this hehe.