Deciding on Wedding Music for your ‘Big Day‘ has, and always will be a tough decision. Whether it’s the music you walk down the isle to, your first dance as a married couple, or the entertainment for the Reception, it can take months to decide what will accompany you and your partner in that special moment.
As years have passed, the popular tradition of hiring an organist in Church and a Swing or Jazz band for the reception have somewhat altered, and whilst many still choose to stick to these well-loved traditions, many couples seem to opt for a more unique approach.

‘Pachelbel’s Dream’, ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Ave Verum’ are often the Classical favourites for the procession, with artists such as Adele favouring highly for those planning a more modern wedding day, however it seems a new craze has formed in Bride and Groom’s performing their own Wedding March. ‘Glamour Magazines’ Wedding Edition this month have chosen to focus upon a particularly unique and interesting couple and the Bride’s entrance into the ceremony. Although choosing the (not so original) ‘Pachelbel’s Dream’ to make her entrance, the couple spiced things up by playing the full three and a half minutes on electric guitars; the Groom, the Best Man and (impressively) even the Bride played whilst walking down the isle wearing her wedding gown, sporting fake nails, and walking in four-inch heels!!

And it seems this exciting new venture has even been noticed by the Celebrity World! McFly band member Tom Fletcher surprised his Wife and Guests in a musical outburst during his speech last August, reaching over ten million hits on YouTube. The popular Musician put together a fifteen minute mash-up of past McFly hits whilst adapting the lyrics to thank their Wedding Party.

It’s clear that the ‘D.I.Y Style’ Wedding Entertainment seems to be quickly increasing in popularity, but the question still stands, which is better, sticking to the well-loved traditions, or creating a different and unique feel for your special day? Whether you opt to surprise your Partner and Guests with a musical twist, or combine your musicality to create a special and sentimental day, or just decide that keeping things simple and just spending the time to relax and enjoy your day with your loved ones is enough, does it really matter?!