Dancing has been a form of celebration for thousands of years, and every culture has their spin on it but one thing is for sure, it’s a huge part of your wedding celebration.

One of the latest crazes is performing a synchronised dance with your wedding party all taking part. It can provide quite a wow factor during your reception and provide some much needed entertainment without breaking the bank. There are various versions popping up all over youtube, and the original wedding who did it first has been lost in the multitude of wedding parties all gathering together to do the dance to Thriller, (having done a quick search I can say it brought up nearly 4000 videos!!) and I found this one claiming to be the original so see what you think!

Here’s a pretty polished one with the groomsmen giving it all they’ve got!

But there may be some couples saying synchronised dances at the reception is terribly old hat now. The newest popular craze gets the party started before the vows have been said with the entrance of the wedding parties at the church bopping their way down the aisle, and here’s the wedding that started it all!

With over 72 million hits it’s one of the biggest videos on youtube!

and it even spawned a viral tribute in the wake of the Royal Wedding of 2010 created by a popular mobile phone company – (one is chuckling after having watched that again!)

But what if you don’t like to dance?

Many couples feel the pressure of all their guests watching (and probably silently judging a little bit as well!) and choose to undertake some dance lessons in the run up to their wedding. This helps take the edge off the nerves as you know what you have to do, and gives a more polished performance.

And it does offer a bit of a Cinderella moment, an element of calm, just the two of you able to gaze into each other’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings to remind yourselves during the business of the day what you set out to achieve and why you did it!