Most people want to be married in a church, a fancy hotel or maybe even a muddy field in the British countryside. Believe it or not though, some people want to be married under water!

Yes, water it can have its little niggles and problems but you can work around them to create your perfect water wedding.


You need to decide where you are having your aqua marriage. Now, this is usually one of the most stressful parts to a wedding but not for a water wedding. Finding a venue should be easy, there are 4,674 swimming pool facilities in the UK and that’s if you don’t want to brave the cold British sea. You could always decide on a lake of course yet that’s not recommended as the water will be very dirty and you probably want to see your bride as you agree to have and to hold them from this day forward!

What to wear

This all depends on how far you are going with the “water” part of the wedding. If you want to get married underwater then I’m afraid a diving suit will be needed but hey, you save money on the dress and tuxedo so it isn’t all bad.

Or, if you just want to be married with your head above the water then you could probably get away with the traditional wedding attire but be warned, it may shrink in the water.


x  A pool is a lot cheaper to hire for an afternoon than a church

x  It will be different to 90% of other people’s wedding which is never a bad thing

x  It’s easier to pick your partner up in the water as the water takes their weight (but don’t tell your bride that)

x  Nobody will say your hair doesn’t look good because it’s not your fault


Yes we are being serious, having a water wedding isn’t easy and now we will explain why.

x  Not much room for your guests to watch

x  It is really tricky to dance in water

x  You can’t jump straight onto a plane when you’re finished (need to get dry)

x  Some pools are not heated but don’t worry as most of them are


Look at this wonderful Chinese couple who were married underwater. The couple were joined by the maid of honour and the best man.


Although water weddings do take place this blog has been written just for a laugh and we think you should consider weddings out of water first.